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Pregnancy Photography : What to Wear for your Session

Wardrobe for your maternity photography session can be just about anything from casual to dressy – whatever you feel confident and comfortable in. When choosing your clothing, keep in mind that the primary focus of any maternity image should be on your “baby belly”.

1. Colors – solid colors are always perfect for your pregnancy photography session. Cream, white, black, brown, gray, pinks … you name it!

2. Fabrics – look for clothing made from tighter fitting fabrics with a little stretch to show off your beautiful form. Texture and Lace photograph well. Avoid stripes, dots, plaids or obvious patterns as these can be distracting in the final images. Logos and branding are also not recommended and will date your photographs in years to come.

3. Dresses – Look for dresses that hug and accentuate your shape. Avoid loose, comfortable styles. Ruched side seams work beautifully to show off baby belly, both top and bottom. Dresses that provide a visible separation between your breasts and your belly work really well.

Maternity Photography Dress

4. Tops – T’s, tanks or camisoles – anything clingy, fitted, stretchy or with ruched seams work great for pregnancy photography. Open front cardigans or button down shirts look super cute with baby belly peeking out. Sheer tops are great for covering, while still showing a bit of your gorgeous belly. Short Jean Jackets or shrugs work great too.

5. Sleeves – Longer-sleeved tops are generally more flattering for our upper arms, but sleeveless and spaghetti straps can work great.

6. Pants – black leggings are a staple. Jeans of any colour work great. Your pre-pregnancy jeans (with the zipper undone) work well if you want to show off your bare belly. Maternity jeans work great if you will be wearing a top to cover the elastic tummy area.

Maternity Photography Tops

7. Lingerie – Lingerie, a lacy bra and panty set can add a very elegant look to your pregnancy photography session. Lacy boy shorts are also really cute. If you are choosing lingerie, keep in mind subtle colours that compliment your skin tone are great for soft looks and strong colours that contrast against your skin are great for bold looks.

Maternity Photography Lingerie

8. Our white sheets and other wraps – most women opt for the “under the sheets” look for part of their pregnancy photography shoot. We also have some wraps in neutral colours to drape you in.

Maternity Photography Wraps

9. Undergarments – Nude or white underwear and bra set work the best under our sheets and wraps as well as your own wardrobe. Of course black if you will be wearing black outfits.

10. Accessories and Jewellery – Scarves and shawls look great by themselves or accessorize outfits beautifully – think texture rather than bold patterns. A thin belt worn above baby belly creates a nice visual separation between breasts and bump. Make sure to wear your wedding and engagement rings! Classic, small and tasteful pieces like pearl or diamond studs or drops are often than large, bold pieces. Jewellery is a welcome addition during your session but avoid wearing any pieces just before as not to leave marks on your skin.

Maternity Photography Accessories

11. Nude or partially nude pregnancy portraits are beautiful. Before your session, think about how much bare skin you feel comfortable showing.

12. Shoes – While your shoes will probably not make it into your images, we recommend bringing comfortable high heels if your husband is significantly taller than you to help even up significant height differences.

We suggest not wearing tight clothing or elastic around your belly for 1-2 hours before your pregnancy photography session as they can leave unflattering marks and indents on your skin that can take hours to go away. Watches, under garments and socks can do the same thing.

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