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Toronto Maternity Photography – What to Wear

What to wear for my maternity photography session? This is undoubtedly my most often asked question we receive.

The ideal time for your shoot is between 32-36 weeks. Your belly has really popped out but you’re not bloated. We want to make your belly the focal point.

One major key with maternity photography sessions is to provide a visible separation between your breasts and your belly. As well, you want to accentuate the bottom of your belly so ruched tops and dresses work best. Loose fitting dresses have that extra fabric at the bottom which just hangs and can bunch oddly. You want those visual breaks and a nice round belly. This will also be achieved with your hand placements during the shoot but the right choices of clothing will help alot.

Think about the following when planning your wardrobe:

Wear a good bra. Nuff said 🙂 

Tighter fitting clothes always work best – show off your curves!! Think ruched tops and dresses.

Generally you want long or half sleeves that cover upper arms, unless you have beautifully trim arms of course.

A sweater dress with leggings and boots is an awesome look !

Cardigans are a great way to stay covered but offer the option of showing belly.

Jeans are great for a maternity photography shoot. Pre-pregnancy jeans (left unzipped of course) work great with a full top or a bandeau for some bare belly shots. Skinny jeans and leggings look really cute with a longer top. The tops of the belly panels in maternity pants can be really obvious under clothing so we usually suggest to roll the panel down and under.

When choosing your clothing for pregnancy photography keep in mind that the primary focus of any maternity image should be on your “baby belly” and your curves so show them off!! Don’t cover it up in lots of loose clothes.

Maternity What to Wear

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