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Maternity Photography Session – Husand’s Wardrobe

Husbands are welcomed and encouraged to attend the maternity session. We love to capture both your love for baby and your love for each other during this very special time in your life. Wear similar tones of clothing. Colours should match mom’s wardrobe selections including blacks, whites, beiges or other neutral colours.

• Jeans or dress pants – dark or light – as long as they harmonize with mom’s clothing

• Button down dress or casual shirts

• Bring along both a white and black t-shirt

• Bring solid coloured tops and bottoms. Layers are great; wear the t-shirt under a sweater or jacket.

• Sweaters or button down cardigans

• Shirtless if he’s comfortable with that. If hubby is going to be shirtless for part or all of the shoot, we suggest that he not wear anything tight that can leave marks on his skin for 1-2 hours before the session, watches included.

What other preparation do you recommend for my shoot ?

• Get a manicure a day or two in advance. Your hands will be in most of the images so you want your nails looking nice.

• Wear makeup! We offer both hair styling and make-up services (booked in advance) or you can visit a makeup counter prior to your shoot. If you are applying your own makeup, please go a little heavier than normal for the studio lights.

Anything else I should bring along ?

• We also recommend you bring any items that will have special meaning for the baby – baby shoes, a teddy bear or building blocks for instance. Blocks

• Generally we have time for about 3 outfit changes but we encourage you to bring along more and we can select the best choices at your session.

• While your shoes will probably not make it into your images, we recommend bringing comfortable high heels if your husband is significantly taller than you to help even up significant height differences.

Husband and Wife Maternity Photography

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