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3 Cute Prop Ideas for Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn baby photographs are peeks into the past that can be treasured for a lifetime. In 2016, there are countless ways to enhance these memories, but props will always remain a classic tool to create the cutest photos. When utilizing Toronto newborn photography, ask about some of these adorable prop ideas to make your infant’s first photography session a memorable one.

Headbands and Hats

Nothing makes a tiny newborn look all the more precious than a delicate headband or festive hat. A soft, stretchy headband with appliqués, such as roses and other flowers, adds a sweet touch to a photo of a sleeping baby. Headbands may be placed directly around infants’ heads, just above the ears, and centered over the baby’s forehead, upon the crown or even to the side. Baby hats, such as knitted caps with mouse ears or soft, crocheted crowns, can add to the photo’s theme and even unify a photo with siblings wearing the same hat. Parents may opt for an outfit or blanket to match, or leave the baby unclothed to highlight the smallness and newness of the infant.

Baskets and Boxes

>When searching for the perfect prop for a session of newborn baby photography in Toronto, consider baskets and boxes to hold the baby. Beverage company crates and boxes provide a rustic look that works well with knitted accessories for a cozy, country-style photo. Woven baskets give an image of an old fashioned, dainty bassinet to cradle the baby that highlights the classic style of the family. Baskets may even be arranged to give the resemblance of a bird’s nest, complete with the baby nestled in the center. A nest photo is perfect for the nature loving family. An added layer of fleece or the baby’s favorite blanket can add comfort and color to any of these prop selections.

Swaddle Sacks

The swaddle sack is a revolutionary way to swaddle a baby without requiring complicated folding techniques, but it is also a sweet photo prop. The soft, netted look of a crotched or knitted swaddle sack adds a sweet, fuzzy component to a photo that is almost otherworldly in appearance. The infant can appear in a womb-like environment in a wispy cloud of swaddle material, especially when used in neutral tone, when no other props are used. Swaddle sacks in gentle pastels can also blend in with a basket to add textures and layers of color to the photograph. Mesh-like swaddle sacks display the baby’s adorable legs and feet through the material, making pictures even cuter.

No matter which cute prop idea a family may choose for newborn baby photography in Toronto, the results will yield a keepsake that not only parents can treasure for many years to come, but the child can also enjoy. Children who enjoy stories about themselves as infants will love their first photos, as will grandparents and other loved ones. Once children are grown, the first photos taken from their childhoods also make excellent gifts for their baby showers and weddings.

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