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Fun and Creative First Christmas Photo Session for Your Baby

If you want to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas, then a Toronto baby photographer can be your saving grace. These individuals often come up with some creative and gorgeous ideas, and they are always willing to listen to your own. Here are some of the top photo session ideas for your baby’s first Christmas.

Fun and Creative First Christmas Photo Session for Your Baby

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The Best Gift

Ask your Toronto newborn photographer to “gift wrap” your baby in one of a couple of different ways. One of the most popular methods involves tying a gorgeous red ribbon around your baby’s middle, then taking snapshots while he or she lies on his or her stomach facing the camera. Another option, particularly for older babies who can sit up, involves placing them inside a gorgeous gift box and taking pictures of his or her cute little faces.

Photos with Santa

Santa is an important part of the Christmas tradition for many families, so if you want to capture your baby’s first Christmas alongside the jolly fellow, you can certainly do so. Bear in mind that department store photos are very rarely of professional quality, so be sure to contact your favorite Toronto newborn photographer to find out whether he or she will supply a “Santa” at some point during the season. One of the cutest trends involves Santa himself taking a quick “nap” while holding a sleeping baby, but any number of poses will do.

Baby in a Stocking

Tradition says that the stork delivers babies in bundles, but who’s to say that Santa cannot deliver a baby in a stocking? With the right equipment and expertise, you can capture a picture of your baby in a stocking that will melt your heart for years to come. The newborn can rest inside a large, decorative stocking placed on a furry white surface, and the pictures will be breathtaking.

Light Up Your World

Another trend in professional baby photography in Toronto has to do with the ever-popular Christmas lights. With plenty of adult supervision, place a bunch of clear lights on the floor next to your seated baby. Give him or her a pretty ornament to hold, and the photographer can capture the sense of wonder in his or her eyes. For newborns, simply line a wicker basket with clear Christmas lights, fill it with soft material, and snap a photo next to a faux fireplace, Christmas tree, or other holiday setting.

Your Own Little Elf

Dressing your baby in Christmas colors has probably already appealed to you at some point, but it can certainly work well with professional baby photography in Toronto, too. For instance, you could dress your baby in red and white striped stockings with a Kelly green shirt and a cute “Santa hat”, then take photos of him or her against a black background with the words “Merry Christmas” in white. There are any number of ideas here, but the goal is to make your baby the center of attention while maintaining the holiday spirit.

Baby’s first Christmas pictures will give you a lifetime of memories, so make sure you find a creative baby photographer in Toronto who can bring your ideas to life. Your baby only has one first Christmas, so be sure to capture it well.

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