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Five Great Family Xmas Card Photo Ideas

So, you want to send out Christmas cards with family photos, but you want to be creative and unique at the same time. Here are five fun ideas that you and your Toronto newborn photographer will have a lot of fun capturing.

#1 – The Gift of a Baby

If you recently introduced a new member of your family, then why not play on this idea with your Christmas card photos? Have everyone sit in front of the Christmas tree, and place your newborn inside of a big, beautifully-wrapped box (lined with soft material, of course, and with plenty of supervision). Then, ask your Toronto newborn photographer to capture the look of “surprise” on everyone’s faces as they discover what Santa delivered. It’s definitely a heartwarming photo idea, and one that you will appreciate for years to come.

#2 – A Matching Pajama Party

Trying to get everyone to dress up in formal attire (and hold back the tears) long enough to take a Christmas photo can be a daunting task. Instead of faking it, why not play up how things really work? Shop online for matching pajamas for the whole family – including your new addition. Then, put on your best bedhead look, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready for some really cute Toronto newborn photography. Imagine the laughs you will get when your friends and family receive their photos of your tired, frazzled, but absolutely adorable family.

#3 – Mom and Dad as Hostages

If you have some older children, this is another funny and creative idea that your friends and family will treasure. You and your spouse should stand back to back, holding hands, and ask your photographer to (gently) wrap you with lit Christmas lights. Let your kids hold the loose end with cunning smiles on their faces, put a look of surprise on your own face, and let your photographer snap away. It looks like your kids have outwitted you, and it’s definitely a fun way to wish people a Merry Christmas.

#4 – Bedtime Stories

Newborn baby photography in Toronto doesn’t always have to take place in a studio. You can ask your photographer to come to your home for a “Bedtime Story” session. Have everyone put on their favorite pajamas and pile into a soft, fluffy bed with a decorative book of Christmas stories. Then, your photographer can work on the lighting and positioning so that it looks like he or she is capturing a heartfelt family moment that you can share with your loved ones.

#5 – Reflection in an Ornament

Finally, another option involves capturing your family’s reflection in a Christmas ornament being held in someone’s hand. This one can be a bit tricky, but it is absolutely stunning and it makes people wonder how you did it. It takes a very special newborn photographer in Toronto to make this work, but it is absolutely possible and it will be one of your favorite family photos for years to come.

Family Christmas card photos do not have to be plain and boring, nor do they have to be formal and traditional. You can use the opportunity to make people laugh, smile, or simple stare in awe at the beauty of the picture.

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