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Baby’s 1st Year: 5 Amazing Month by Month Baby Photo Ideas

During a baby’s first year, changes occur so quickly and so often that a child can seem like an entirely different person from one week to the next. Chronicling this time of life through baby photography in Toronto is an excellent way to keep all of these memories safe forever. Month by month photos, which depict a baby in the same outfit, background or situation each month, are an especially useful way to illuminate the baby’s rapid growth and changes.

Monthly Chalkboard

Baby photographers in Toronto recommend a simple monthly chalkboard to highlight the baby’s constant growth. In each photo, the chalkboard features the same design with a pretty border and details about the baby, including his or her name. The chalkboard also includes details that change each month, including the baby’s age and fun facts, such as what the baby enjoys doing or is learning. The baby is placed next to the chalkboard and holds a number delineating how many months old he or she is. This idea also works well in place of baby book details.

Teddy Bear Measure-Up

What child does not love a soft teddy bear? For this idea, purchase a bear bigger than the baby. Each month, take a picture of the child with the baby, chronicling the baby’s fast growth in relation to the stuffed animal. As the child grows taller, photos can even show the baby holding onto the animal, which will be a major change after he or she was only able to nestle in its lap months before. For a fun twist, purchase a different animal that fits the child’s room theme, such as a giraffe for a jungle or a favorite character from a cartoon border.

Bath Tub Photos

Use the classic baby in a tub theme to measure a child’s growth with this idea. Use the same old fashioned, wooden tub that is used for newborn pictures for pictures at one month, two months and so on. Keep the same props in the photo, whether they include a blanket, rubber duck or towel, to help illustrate how much the baby has grown. While the first photo may feature a sleeping infant, by the twelfth picture he or she will be sitting up comfortably and hopefully smiling for the camera.

T-Shirt Pictures

Start with a t-shirt that is too big for the baby, but not big enough to dwarf him or her. A toddler’s or young child’s small t-shirt should work well. Decorate it any way you wish or purchase a shirt that symbolizes your baby as you see him or her. Photograph the baby laying in this shirt each month to chronicle his or her changes. The larger the shirt is, the longer you can continue the tradition, taking your child’s measurements in this unique way until he or she reaches kindergarten.

Baby Blocks

One of the simplest yet sweetest ways to take month by month baby photos is to use a multi-sided number block in the photos. Select a large, soft block made from fabric to safely set next to the baby in each photo. Start with number one during the child’s first month of life and increase it each month, adding a block as needed for additional months. Keep the background the same by setting the baby and block on the same piece of furniture or a favorite blanket each month.

No matter which idea a parent selects, month by month photo keepsakes will be treasures to return to for years. They can also be continued throughout the child’s life with annual school photos, holiday pictures and other photo sessions with a similar focus. A Toronto newborn photographer can be a helpful guide in selecting different month by month ideas as well as props and backgrounds.

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