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Cute Photo Session Ideas: Older Sibling with Newborn

If you’re interested in a dynamic photo session with a newborn photographer, then you are probably trying to come up with a few unique ideas for capturing your baby’s first weeks and months. One of the best (and cutest) new trends involves capturing the interaction between your newborn and his or her older sibling, whether that interaction is joyous and peaceful or downright hilarious.

Preparing the Older Sibling

First and foremost, it should be noted that if you are going to include photos of your newborn with his or her older sibling, you want to make sure that your older child feels special during the shoot. After all, bringing home a baby may have already turned his or her entire world upside down, and your older child might feel as if all of the attention is going to the baby. When you choose to involve the older sibling in your newborn’s photos, remember the goal – to capture the interaction between them naturally. This means that you shouldn’t necessarily “prep” your toddler or older child for the session; just let it happen.

Let it Be

You should find a newborn baby photographer in Toronto who is patient enough to let your children interact naturally, but talented enough to determine the best time to snap photos. Newborn photography in Toronto is sometimes completely staged, particularly when the subject of the photo is only the baby. Involving siblings adds another dimensions to the photo, but you can’t force pictures based on what you see online. For example, Pinterest may show you photos of an older brother napping beside his newborn sister, but the odds of cajoling your toddler into taking a nap in a strange place are quite low. Instead of trying to force a shot, just let it come naturally. Your Toronto newborn photographer knows what to do.

Things to Try

Now that you’ve decided to photograph your children together, you might want some ideas as to how you can get the two of them to interact. The best idea involves getting your older child to do the same things he or she would do at home. For example, if the older sibling tries to console the baby when he or she cries, encourage him or her to do so during the photo shoot. Conversely, if the baby’s cries annoy your older child, the photos resulting from the look on his or her face can be priceless. Your photographer can capture your children playing together or crying together and still create perfect memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Newborn photography in Toronto these days is multidimensional. Many parents find that capturing natural images of interactions between the baby and his or her outside world is another fun way to create memories. Siblings play an important part in your baby’s life, so involving them in photo shoots is a brilliant idea. Whether they laugh together or cry together, the results will be the same – lifelong memories and lots of smiles.

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