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3 Creative Ways to Preserve Newborn Baby Photos

3 Creative Ways to Preserve Newborn Baby Photos - Infographic

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Once you are finished with your baby photography, you might find yourself wondering how you can preserve those precious memories. Fortunately, there are several unique ideas out there that are just as beautiful as they are ingenious. Here are three ways to preserve your professional baby photography in Toronto.

#1 – Gift Albums

Gift albums are a wonderful way to transform your newborn baby photos into keepsakes for a lifetime. There are several different products and styles. For instance, you can opt for a grandparents’ album, which combines your choice of 12 pictures in a 5×7 book adorned with your favorite photo on the front. Each photo on the inside is retouched perfectly and artistically.

The parent album is a bit larger and boasts more photos than the grandparent album. The baby photographer in Toronto will retouch and perfect these images before placing them inside the book. The pages will last for generations thanks to their semi-gloss UV coating, which protects it from damage and fading. The cover is made of real canvas, which is durable and beautiful.

Finally, a mini brag album is a great way to show off your precious bundle of joy wherever you go. It is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, and its expandable format offers unique personalization of both the front and back covers. They make perfect gifts for everyone, too.

#2 – Wall Canvases

Sometimes, it seems a shame to put such a beautiful photograph in a small frame or hide it away in a photo album. If your baby photographer in Toronto has captured the perfect shot of your little one, consider wall canvases. These allow you to display a larger-than-life image anywhere in your home. Your images are printed on canvas fabric before being wrapped over a frame. Archival canvas ensures that the photos last for years to come without fading, scratching, scuffing, or cracking.

Wall canvases are highly customizable, too. You can order just one or you can order several to hang in a unique pattern on your wall. Sizes go all the way up to 30×40 inches to really help you make a statement, and you can even choose from a number of pre-designed layouts to help you determine how you should display your baby’s photographs.

#3 – Image Boxes

Image boxes are a striking alternative to traditional photo albums in that they act as a place to store your baby’s pictures in a delicate box for viewing at any time you would like. It is the perfect accessory for your coffee table, and you can choose the photos you like to put inside. Even the box is custom designed with the photos you choose, and all of the paper, the box, and the photos themselves are of the highest quality.

You do not have to rely on standard picture frames or photo albums to display and preserve your baby’s photos. With wall canvases, image boxes, and even gift albums, you and your baby photographer in Toronto can create memories that will last a lifetime.

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