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Black and White Newborn Photos you Should Take

After your baby arrives, the one thing you’ll be most excited about next is taking pictures. Black and white newborn baby photography is a great way to celebrate your little one, because of its simplistic nature that allows all the focus to be on your child. Here are four poses you may want to consider having a Toronto newborn photographer take.

Nose, Mouth, and Hand Shot

This is a very simple pose for a Toronto newborn photographer to take. Simply place your little one’s hand underneath his or her chin (this could even be done while the baby is sleeping). Your photographer will then focus on your baby’s facial features, enlarging the photograph to show details such as the shape of the lips and even the lines in the hand. This photograph is one you will look at time and time again to compare features as your child grows older.

Sleeping on Top of Hands

This pose is very similar to the one above, except for the fact that he or she is propped up on both hands while fast asleep. Ideally, your little one will be on a soft, white sheepskin or fleece blanket, with a lightweight, open-weave netting made from cotton or gauze draped gently over top of the head. Take this pose against a solid white backdrop so that the only thing there is to focus on in the photograph is your quietly-sleeping infant.

Head and Fingers Split Photograph

This photograph is actually split in half, highlighting your child’s hand and fingers on one side and the head on the other. On the left, your baby’s hand will be seen gently draped over the side of a basket that he or she is sleeping in. Part of your child’s cheek, wrist, and lips may be visible as well. The right-hand side of this photograph features a headband that is stretched gently around the top of your baby’s head. The focal point of this headband could be a bow, ribbon, or even a flat bead that lies gently against the head. Having a photograph of your baby’s headband can help you remember what your baby was wearing when you brought him or her home from the hospital.

The Eyes Have It

Your baby’s eyes are another beautiful feature you may want to highlight. While your little one’s eyes are closed, have your photographer zoom in on one eye, placing it directly in the center of the picture. This will also show the bridge of the nose and part of the upper cheek in great detail-even very fine eyebrow hairs and creases in the eyelid will be highly visible. You could have this same pose taken with the eyes open as well.

These are just a few black and white poses that are fun for a Toronto newborn photographer to take. All of them will help you celebrate your little one’s arrival in style, and provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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