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Baby Thalia: Delightful Deja Vu


When little Thalia came into our Toronto newborn studio for her very first photoshoot, it was a case of deja vu for me. And if you’ve been following this blog for a while, it might be a deja vu moment for you, too! This gorgeous little bundle has an older brother who was just as much of an angel when mom and dad brought him in for his own newborn session, almost three years ago. This time around, I got to see my little friend again and watch him become a knight in shining armor for his brand new baby sister.

Naturally, knowing that the images we took were going to end up in the same family photograph album, it was important to me to make sure that the finished shots were as complementary as possible. Fortunately, it was as though little Thalia had been prepped for her visit to our Toronto newborn studio and was ready to make all sorts of cute little faces as she slept peacefully in front of the camera. Just look at that little pucker as she blows a raspberry at the lens – heart melting, I think we can agree!

I used a similar colour palette to be sure that the photos sit well side by side, using my very favorite rose hat to set off the earth tones and add a touch of femininity. I took close-ups of those wisps of dark hair and tiny nose and the heart-shaped lips that make this little princess unique.

And a princess was exactly what she got to be! Mom made crowns for both of the little ones so that Mateo could be a prince and Thalia could be a princess. They both seemed to love them, except Mateo decided that he might prefer to be a knight instead of a prince.

Unlike some toddlers who haven’t quite connected with their baby siblings yet, Mateo really was his little sister’s knight, so I think we’d be just fine to let him have his way. He was attentive all through the session, looked after his newborn buddy and was more than happy to give her lots of loving kisses. What a wonderful big brother/knight in shining armour he’s going to be!

Little Thalia’s birth announcements exactly match the ones that we created for her big brother, three years ago. Judging by how close and cozy these two were during the session, I predict that they are destined to have the kind of sibling bond that all of us hope for and dream of – and I got to capture those very first moments of kinship for the family to treasure forever!

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