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Baby Charlotte: Powerful Love and Pretty Poses


There’s a poster image from the 1990s that I’m sure we’ve all come across, or even once had pasted to our bedroom walls. It shows a father cradling his tiny baby, and it melted hearts all across the world. When baby Charlotte came in to our Toronto newborn studio for her session, we captured a pose that was unexpectedly similar, complete with the deep, abiding love that made it so touching to everyone who saw it – and then we were able to capture the very same magic with this little one’s mom!

There are few things in this world so powerful as the love that a mom and dad have for their child, so I can say without a single moment of pause that the images from this session in our Toronto newborn studio that I treasure most of all are the ones where these brand new parents are cradling their precious bundle. And considering how wonderfully Charlotte posed, that’s no small claim to make!

The image of dad smiling as he touches his nose to baby Charlotte’s nose came about as a happy accident: I’d asked him to kiss her on the forehead but, when I saw him rub noses with his little one, I had to capture it too. And just look how perfectly this newborn fits into the cradle of her mom’s protective arms.

The love in these photographs is intense and I hope it will bring back wonderful memories for them whenever they look back through the album we crafted together. This family plans to come back in a few month’s time for a complimentary four-month session, which is included in one of our collections, so I look forward very much to seeing how this love has continued to nurture and grow.

And if little Charlotte’s aptitude in front of the camera is anything to go by, it will be an extra special session! This tiny supermodel was content to let me play with a whole range of poses, some of them actually quite difficult to achieve with a newborn. Resting her head on her arms, holding her palm against her cheek, the “lifestyle” shot under a blanket: these are not necessarily easy shots to capture, but baby Charlotte was happy to do them all.

When you combine those striking poses with the powerful love emanating from mom and dad, it’s no wonder that this family asked for a set of wall canvases to help them treasure the moment and an album to capture this unique time in their lives together. I’m excited to meet this little one and her family again and make even more memories in front of the camera!

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