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Baby Charlotte: Memories as Portraits


A newborn baby is a blank canvas on which a whole life will eventually be written. She will grow up making memories that will etch themselves on her soul but, at just a few days old, it’s impossible to guess exactly who this tiny person will grow up to be. As a newborn portrait photographer, I have the unique privilege of not only seeing a tiny tot like Baby Charlotte right as her journey begins, but of being the person to capture some of her very first memories of all.

This gorgeous newborn came to us after mom and dad stumbled across this very website in their search for a newborn portrait photographer in Toronto. They were hoping for a set of digital negatives with which to record this important moment in the whole family’s lives – they, too, wanted to capture that all-important first memory.

With her shock of soft hair, button nose and bow-shaped lips, not to mention those darling tiny toes pressed together like a prayer, little Charlotte was as perfect as a doll. She was also a real pleasure to work with, peaceful and slumbering from the moment the camera appeared until it was time to go back home.

Her older brother was no less of a pleasure – it took some convincing to persuade me that he’s never before posed in front of a professional. Just three years old, he listened to my instructions like a seasoned model, posed exactly as he was asked and helped me create a portrait with his baby sister that’s brimming over with love, protection and adorable.

And then, just to top things off, Baby Charlotte helped me create a second perfect portrait. Tucked safely into mom’s arms, pressed almost cheek to cheek, our little superstar must have sensed the huge smile that her mom was flashing for the camera. For a split second of photographic magic, she mirrored it with a contented grin all of her own.

So while a brand new life does indeed bring with it a blank canvas, it’s only for a matter of moments. As a newborn photographer who has worked with a fair few bundles of joy, I can say with some confidence that it doesn’t take very long for those memories to begin shaping a little one like Charlotte into the lady she’ll one day become.

Within a matter of days, this tiny tot has already proven herself utterly and beautifully unique – and I had the absolute honor of catching it all with my camera lens.
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