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Baby A: First Impressions


First impressions aren’t always correct – but sometimes they’re right on the nose. When this little chap is all grown up and looking back at the photos of his first few days in this world, I wonder which of his adorable impressions will be the right one?

Some newborns come in to our Toronto newborn studio with a whole lot that they’re already excited to say. Even though they’re barely a few days old, they have a budding personality that’s beginning to shine through – and it’s my privilege to capture it.

When Baby A arrived last week, I knew right away that he was going to be the perfect example of this adorable phenomenon – and I definitely wasn’t wrong! It wasn’t more than a few minutes into our session before he was flashing all sorts of expressions. From a grumpy frown to a cheeky grin, a huge yawn to perfect serenity, he really did run the full range of emotions in such a short time.

And that got me thinking: when Baby A’s mom and dad flick through their photo album in years to come, I wonder what they’ll say about each of these pictures? Will they grin at each other and chuckle about how he’s stayed exactly the same all these years, and that all of these images are so typical of Baby A? Or will they exclaim how much things have changed over time and laugh at how much he must have grown out of?

The idea of newborn photographs is to capture these precious first few days – to record the history of this loving family in a way that can be treasured forever. Because I know they will want to remember the whole spectrum of Baby A’s new personality, I did my best to capture every single facial expression I could while he was with us at our Toronto newborn studio.

You have to be quick on the button sometimes, because little ones will often flash a smile or a wide eyed look of surprise out of absolutely nowhere. On the other hand, expressive babies do tend to show their range best as they drift slowly into a deep, deep sleep, so at that moment I am always standing by.

I think my favourite image from this photoshoot has got to be the one of him wrapped up like a teddy bear in a potato sack, a look of sheer contentment on his little face. If I had to pick just one picture that I’d love for Baby A to look back at in a couple of decades and ponder how things have changed or stayed the same, it’s that one.

I hope to see this family again in the years to come; not just to say hello, but because I’d love to know what the answer to that question is. Will the wonderful Baby A still be this expressive and full of personality when he’s all grown up? I think the smart money definitely says yes.

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