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3 Super Cute Dad and Newborn Baby Photo Ideas

Newborn pictures these days do not just include mom and the infant. Baby photography is increasingly including dads who in the past were primarily only included in family shots rather than in individual poses. Coming up with some poses for dad and baby requires some thought and imagination, which is why we would like to offer three suggestions for you to consider when you are planning your photo shoot.

Cradling Baby in Dad’s Arms

Place baby next to dad’s chest and on top of his forearm, which is placed directly against his body. Have the father gently cup the infant’s head in his hand, placing the other one over top of his wrist for added support. This photo can show the father gently gazing down at his newborn son or daughter while he or she is fast asleep in his arms. The only part of the dad’s face that is visible is the area from about the middle of the forehead down. This picture should be taken against a solid-colored background, and if dad is brave enough, he can even go shirtless.

Highlighting Dad’s Occupation

Have your baby photographer in Toronto showcase dad’s profession by having him pose in work-related attire and using the tools of his trade for props. For example, if the father is a firefighter, he could be wearing his firefighting gear, while holding the baby who has been gently placed inside his upside-down helmet. A similar pose would work well if the father were in the military, a construction worker or police officer. Professional dads could wear a suit and tie, and have the child sleeping snugly inside an open briefcase that has been covered with a soft blanket. The idea behind this photograph is to show that dad is equally devoted to his career and his family.

Holding Baby in Front

This pose is very similar to the first one, except that dad is holding the baby out in front of him at an angle. The infant’s legs are crossed in front, with the feet positioned directly against the father’s chest. This will give you a clear shot of the umbilical cord if it has not yet fallen off. Have the dad’s chin gently touch the newborn’s hands, which should be crossed on top of his or her chest. Father and child should be nose to nose, and the dad should also be looking into his little one’s eyes. This photograph can be taken while the child is asleep or with the eyes slightly open.

Regardless of which poses you choose, the goal should be to capture the bond between father and infant. These photograph ideas are merely suggestions, as the actual poses you come up with should be a reflection of your own personality. Feel free to discuss these and any other ideas you may have with a Toronto baby photographer in order to plan the photo shoot that is perfect for your family.

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