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Y&K Maternity Session: Memories for All


If you were to ask any expectant couple why they chose to book a maternity session, I’m sure that the answer would be the same: to create memories of this once in a lifetime moment so they can cherish forever the last few days before their bundle of joy makes an appearance. That’s exactly what spurred me to become a portrait photographer in the first place, after all. But something occurred to me during this memorable session with Y and K: there’s somebody else who’s going to look back at these maternity photographs one day, too.

That’s right – little one! It struck me during this session, as I was helping this wonderful couple settle into a pose, that I wish my parents had done maternity portraits before I was born. As I watched mom and dad gaze lovingly at each other and felt the tingles of their excitement about what the days ahead of them are going to bring, I wondered what it would be like to see my own parents in this moment.

With these maternity photographs, the brand new life that mom and dad are soon to welcome into the world will be able to do just that. One day, a few years from now, they will browse through the images and see exactly how much they were loved, even before they were born.

They’ll see how comfortably mom nestled in dad’s arms and how protectively he covered her tummy with his hands. They’ll see how their parents’ attention was not easily drawn away from that telltale bump and the promise of family inside. Above all, baby will see the joy shining in mom and dad’s eyes and know it’s there purely and completely because of them.

While Y and K were certainly naturals in front of the camera and seemed to enjoy their time in the studio (and the feeling was definitely mutual!), what these maternity photographs really show is the depth of their connection. No matter whether they were resting serenely against one another or smiling from ear to ear into the camera, the love between them is palpable.

I’m excited to meet baby once he or she arrives and create even more memories for this family as it sets out on the greatest of adventures. I also hope that, one day, I’ll meet all of them again with these photographs in hand and have the chance to ask how baby feels about the unique treasures mom and dad created for them.

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