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H&J’s Maternity Session: A Whole that’s More than the Sum of its Parts

Toronto-maternityThere’s an old but wise saying that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. When a family visits the studio for their Toronto maternity portrait session, we welcome a mom, a dad and the little one they’re awaiting – but also so much more. As you can see from H&J’s photographs, maternity portraits can capture the wonder of new life, the thrill of becoming parents and the sheer bliss of being a couple very much in love.

Part of my role as photographer is to draw out the personality of the couple I am working with. Whether mom and dad are seasoned subjects or a little nervous in front of the camera, the best Toronto maternity portraits will always focus on the happiness that comes with starting or growing a family. There was never any question that H & J are true partners in every sense of the word and, the more photographs we took together, the more visible that became.

One of the primary reasons that I encourage dads to accompany their ladies to a maternity shoot is to capture the family unit as a whole and to help mom feel more confident with dad there to support her. In this case, the images we captured began to tell a story as the session went on – and what a wonderful story it was.

You’ll notice that, though mom was a superstar during the solo part of the session, something very special began to happen when dad stepped onto the set. Mom began to glow in his presence and relax noticeably into his arms, while dad’s focus was always on protecting and supporting her, even when he was asked to look elsewhere. In these portraits, his strong arms always hold her while she rests in his loving embrace.

Whether or not they realised it was happening, a sparkle appeared in this couple’s eyes when they were standing together and a quiet serenity settled onto both of their faces. Their happiness shone through in every portrait and their love for one another is almost palpable in the finished portraits. And for this mom and dad, and the little one they will soon be welcoming, I can think of no better memory to treasure.

If your family is growing and you would like to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture the most special of moments, why not visit the studio for your own Toronto maternity portrait session? For more information or to make a booking, contact the studio today!

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