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T & S: An Intimate Maternity Session For Two

maternity photography TorotoWhen mom and dad arrive at the studio for their maternity photography session and, like T and S, are a couple very deeply in love, my first thought is to coax them both in front of the camera for some poses that will highlight their bond. My second thought, on the other hand, will be all about their skin.

The beauty of mom’s growing belly is that its shape is so very distinctive. Whether or not she’s wearing clothes, that gentle curve catches the eye and warms the heart right away. This means that, if mom isn’t too keen on the idea of uncovering during her maternity photography session, it’s not a particular problem – a tightly fitting outfit will do just fine. It’s the shape that counts, not always the skin.

For this session, T was very happy to bare a little belly – and who could blame her, with that flawless ivory skin? Comfort levels were not a concern so, instead, we focused on making sure that mom and dad mirrored one another in their photographs. To do that, we asked dad to strip down alongside mom.

S was more than happy to oblige, which meant that this couple’s photographs each beautifully illustrate the harmony that underpins their relationship. When S showed off her blossoming belly, T made sure to match her by taking off his shirt; when she chose a form-fitting black dress, he donned a black shirt.

As you can see, this worked both ways: whether stripped to the waist or matching their colours and styles, there’s really no question that this is a strong and loving family unit. With both of them in matching jeans and a warm light shining between them, they couldn’t have looked more content in each other’s company.

Due to their cultural traditions, T and S won’t be able to visit the studio once their little one is born – but we’re looking forward to welcoming them back for Baby’s First Year sessions once their newest family member is a little older. In the meantime, Honeybourne Studio wishes them every joy and happiness as their family prepares to grow!

However mom and dad would prefer to appear in their photographs and whether both or one of them is comfortable to reveal skin, we can always get the results that mom and dad are after – and they will always be unique. If you would like to book your own maternity session or visit the studio for newborn or Baby’s First Year photography, please give us a call or email us to let us know!

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