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I & J: A Fully Coordinated Maternity Session

maternity photography torontoI and J arrived at the studio for their maternity photography session with a strong idea of the looks they wanted me to create. I can always tell when a couple has put some serious thought into their session because the wardrobe they plan is fully and wonderfully coordinated – and they’ve brought a whole lot of options for us to play with.

I always provide guidance before a session to help mom and dad pick out the right clothes to wear – it’s not an exact science, but the things I’m looking out for might not necessarily be what they assume. I ask them to bring around six different outfits, though we’ll usually only have time to shoot three or four of them during the session. With extras on hand, however, we can discard any pieces of clothing that don’t quite work, because what’s gorgeous in person may not quite translate on camera.

I and J’s choices ticked every single box – which is why we were able to capture more outfits than usual during this maternity photography session. I think it’s safe to say that whichever one of them selected the wardrobe has a keen eye for photogenic fashion!

For example, I generally recommend sticking to neutral colours such as whites and blacks, because these look beautiful in the finished images and keep the focus on the couple themselves. I and J brought outfits at both ends of the spectrum and made sure that their palettes could match – when one was wearing dark or light clothing, so was the other. This adds a unique unity to the photographs.

Mom also made sure to mix up her outfit choices, bringing both lingerie and full outfits to the studio. Some were simple shirts and lingerie sets, while others were everyday wear and items of jewelry that had personal meaning to her. A client’s outfit should always reflect her comfort levels with the idea of baring skin – we don’t necessarily need to include lingerie shots, but we can show off that blossoming belly if mom is happy to do so.

We also incorporated some images with a simple, sheer white blanket, which I keep handy for every maternity session. This is a popular option with moms-to-be because the amount of skin bared for the camera is fully adjustable. It also places the focus squarely on the curve of mom’s tummy – and, in this case, on her captivating dark eyes as she gazed towards the camera.

With their wardrobe organised and their outfits coordinated from start to finish, we were able to concentrate on I and J themselves and the connection between them as they prepare to welcome a brand new member to their family. In the years to come, I hope that they will look back with pleasure at this experience, when they took just a moment from their busy lives to reflect on their growing love and capture these memories in a photograph album forever.

I also look forward to meeting their little one for myself! I hope that I, J and their new arrival will visit us again for newborn and Baby’s First Year sessions – and I would love to welcome you to the studio too! If you’d like to find out more about our Toronto maternity photography packages or book a session for your family, give us a call or email us at the studio now!

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