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5 Best Pose Ideas for Maternity Photo Session

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Upon learning they are pregnant, many women eagerly contact a Toronto maternity photography studio to book a session. If you’re expecting, here are a few maternity poses you may want to consider for your own photo shoot.

Mom Relaxing in Bed

This pose will show mom propped up in bed with a few pillows, while gently placing her hands over her expanding belly. At the same time, she is also gazing off into the distance as if lost in thought about her unborn child. Maintain a neutral background as much as possible so that the mother becomes the focus of this portrait rather than inanimate objects. Keep bed linens crisp and light, loosely draping a sheet over the legs.

Mom with Baby Shoes

This pose shows mom lying down in bed rather than being propped up. She has one sheet draped slightly across her bosom, and another one over her upper thighs, exposing her pregnant belly. A pair of baby shoes is situated on top of her stomach, and she has one hand on her upper abdomen and another on her lower stomach. This one is cropped at the shoulders and at the knees so that the belly with a pair of baby shoes on top is directly in the center of the photograph. As with the other pose of mom in bed, this one should also be taken with a neutral background and light colored linens to ensure the focus is on the mother’s abdomen.

Mom, Dad, and Baby

This portrait shows dad wrapping his arms lovingly around mom, resting one hand on her upper belly and the other on the lower portion of her stomach. Her hands are gently placed on top of his. The interesting thing about this pose is that the head and shoulders of both the mother and the father are cropped so that the focal point of the photograph becomes the mother’s belly. This is an excellent way to include a dad who might otherwise be camera shy in the photo shoot.

Mom and Dad Holding Hands

This shot is better for dads who don’t mind posing for the camera. It features a shirtless dad holding hands with the mother-to-be, who is wearing a tube top that exposes the abdomen and shoulders. Both are wearing the same type of jeans. The two have their foreheads pressed together and their eyes closed. This pose suggests that the two of them are blissfully contemplating their little one’s arrival.

Bold, Daring Pose

Bold moms may want to consider a nude shot. Don’t worry, nothing is exposed except her oversized tummy. Have mom stand against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest. For comfort, you may allow her to wear a bikini bottom or lightly drape a sheet or towel over her the lower part of her body. The photograph will be cropped at the lower abdomen, so this will not be noticeable.

These are just a few unique poses your maternity photographer in Toronto can take to help celebrate your little one’s arrival. Feel free to use these ideas to come up with your own unique poses so that you can show off mom and baby in your own personal way.

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