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Announcing Our Baby Photography Funny Faces Contest!

Announcing Our Baby Photography Funny Faces Contest!

baby photographer torontoEvery baby has their own arsenal of funny, silly, quirky, cute and even grumpy facial expressions – it’s what makes each little miracle so unique. It’s such a delight to capture these snippets of personality during a newborn session and we’d love to see who your little one is growing up to be. To satisfy our curiosity, we’re excited to announce our Funny Faces Contest: catch baby during a candid moment to win the free photography session of your choice and a commemorative print!

Read on to find out how to take part in the contest but, first, some tips to help you with your entry. Funny faces tend to happen just when you’re least expecting them, but we know a few handy tricks to encourage a grin or grimace while the camera is in your hands:

Happy Days!

Does little one laugh out loud when you blow raspberries or make a silly noise? Go ahead and make your little one giggle with happiness – just make sure you have your camera handy when you do! Alternatively, you could give these tried-and-tested techniques a go:

  • Make your little one clap with pleasure. Hold their hands between yours as you pat them softly together or try singing a song or clapping along to some music. If they sees you doing it, they’re bound to want to copy!
  • Play a game of peek-a-boo and watch your little one dissolve into fits of laughter. You might need a little teamwork for this one, so have one of you hold the camera while the other plays. When your little one gets to giggling, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch those smiles!

baby photography torontoThe Element of Surprise

Baby’s first few years are a roller coaster of new experiences – the whole world is just waiting to be discovered! Catching a look of excitement, anticipation, curiosity or even sheer bewilderment is the perfect way to commemorate your little one.

  • Feed baby their first slice of lemon and snap away with the camera as they pucker up and squint their eyes. They won’t be sure whether they like or hate that lemon, but you’ll definitely love the photos!
  • When baby sees a beloved toy coming out of its box or their favourite food arriving from the kitchen, the look on their face can be simply adorable.
  • Catch those moments of curiosity. Make sure you have the camera ready when you bring out a birthday cake and candles or when a favourite aunt or uncle is about to arrive for a visit – whenever baby gets a wonderful surprise, you can take a wonderful photo!
  • Make a crazy loud noise that your little one isn’t expecting. It’ll turn those eyes into saucers and that mouth into a perfect “O”!

Sleepy Moments

toronto baby photographyNap time is the most peaceful part of baby’s day and an opportunity to catch their little face in perfect tranquillity. Of course, the simple pleasure of snoozing isn’t the only way to take advantage of these moments:

  • Grab the camera when your little one falls asleep in an unexpected place or unusual position. Fast asleep with their legs in the air, folded over the arm of the sofa or dozing with their crayons still in hand – babies don’t wait until the blankets are in place to catch a few winks!
  • As nap time draws near, take the opportunity to capture yawns and tired eyes. And when nap time is over, catch that special first look baby gives you when they’re just waking up.

Grumpy Grimaces!

Even the grumpy faces are incredibly cute – when you look back on baby’s scowls in years to come, we just know they will make you laugh! Whether baby gets cranky when they’re tired or feels crotchety when their tummy starts rumbling, we’re sure you know exactly the right moment to catch a harrumph and a frown. And don’t be afraid to capture tears on camera – when baby bursts into tears, have the camera ready to make a memory that will melt your heart!

No matter the facial expressions you catch for our contest, you’ll be creating a collection of baby photography memories that captures everything about your little one – and what better reason to start snapping right away!

Contest Rules

We are offering a completely free photography session at Honeybourne Studio and an 8 x 10 inch commemorative print to the winner of the Funny Faces Contest! All you need to do is send your best picture of little one’s priceless expressions to with “Contest Entry” in the subject line.

  • Entries must feature babies of 2 years old and under.
  • One entry per baby.
  • Contest is open to any entrant, whether or not you are a previous client of Honeybourne Studio or a reader of our blog.
  • Entries must not be taken by another professional photographer – only by mom or dad.
  • Please include a short description of the “tactic” you used to capture baby’s funny face.
  • By entering this contest, you grant us permission to post your picture on our blog, in our newsletter and on our social media sites.
  • Prize is valid for the photo session of your choice: newborn, maternity, baby’s first year or family.
  • The closing date for entries is March 31, 2014.
  • Expiry date for the prize is December 31, 2014.

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