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First Year Photography Sessions: FAQs

Timing Your Milestone Sessions


How many times will I need to come to the studio?

We capture your little one during at least three milestones of their first year: tummy time at 3-4 months, sitting up for the first time at 6-8 months and that all-important first birthday. Of course, we can always include more milestones if you would prefer. To see the milestones we suggest for a Toronto first year photography package, visit our milestone session page.

How far ahead do I need to book each session?

We prefer that you schedule your milestone sessions immediately after your newborn session or as soon as possible after your little one is born. Don’t worry if baby hasn’t reached the milestone in question as your session date approaches – we’ll be happy to reschedule.

Does it matter if I was too late to book a maternity and newborn session?

Not at all! We can get started with your sessions to coincide with tummy time and photograph your baby all through their first year. We do like to include maternity images and a newborn session to complete your Toronto first year photography package, but we will have plenty of opportunity to make memories without them!

I’ve just come across your studio and my baby is already six months old. Can I still book first year sessions?

Our Toronto first year photography package is designed to create memories for your family. Just because you missed out on a couple of the milestones doesn’t mean we can’t help you do that! There is no prerequisite to have booked a maternity, newborn or early milestone session and we can also include more sessions during the next few months to capture your little one several times.

Can I choose different milestones to the ones you suggest?

Of course! The milestones sessions are only suggested times when we can capture moments of change for your baby, but we will happily work with you at any time during the first year. The number of sessions you book and the timing of each is entirely up to you!

What if I want more milestones included in my package?

We will gladly welcome you to the studio as many times as you would like during the first year of your little one’s life. There is no limit to the number of milestones we can capture – if you would like to visit us once a month or even more often than that, it would be our pleasure to accommodate you!


Before and During Your Sessions


What should I bring with me to the sessions?

We ask that you bring a variety of outfits for your little one to wear during each session. Soft, neutral colors usually look best on camera. If you would like to include baby’s favourite toys and items that have special significance to your family, feel free to bring those too!

What should baby wear for each session?

We recommend that you include clothing that your little one wears regularly and outfits for special occasions. We can include looks ranging from bare bottoms and blankets to dresses, onesies, leggings, dress pants and jeans. Our only real stipulation is that soft, neutral colors work best for a Toronto first year photography session.

How long will each session take?

Your sessions will each last approximately an hour. We allow break time for baby so that they don’t become overwhelmed by the experience.

Can I include other family members in the session?

Of course! We love it when mom and dad are included in the photographs and we’re also very happy to involve other family members, such as older siblings, cousins and even grandparents.

My baby is fussy and not good in front of a camera – will my sessions still work?

Not a problem! We do advise not to book a session during or just before baby’s nap time, but other than that we have full confidence that the session will work perfectly. We have plenty of toys and noise makers handy to keep your little treasure entertained and make sure they forget all about the camera!


About Your photographs


What kinds of photographs can I expect from each session?

We include certain poses and angles for each of the milestone sessions to fully capture the moment. During tummy time, we pose baby both on their tummy and back. When baby is able to sit by themselves, we capture images of them sitting, on their tummy and crawling. And as baby’s first birthday approaches, we include sitting, crawling and standing pictures and also a special cake smash!

Can I take my photographs home with me after each individual session?

You will be able to purchase a digital negative collection after each session as well as wall prints, canvases, albums and birthday invite/annoucement cards. To find out more about the products you can choose after each individual session and once your collection of photographs is complete, visit our product pages.

Can I make image requests for my sessions?

Of course! If you have a particular color scheme or theme in mind, you would like to see us include certain poses or involve family members in the photographs, we will work with you to ensure that you’re getting the exact images you’re hoping for. We always welcome your input! For some inspiration, why not browse the photographs from previous first year sessions in our blog and galleries?

How can I view my images after each session?

Once each session is complete, we will make all the best images available within 14 days in a private, password-protected gallery. This will give you the opportunity to select the photographs to include in your digital negative collection. And once your sessions are all done, you will have access to all your chosen images to help you order your products and collections.


Products, Packages and Collections


Do you offer packages including maternity, newborn and first year sessions?

We offer separate packages for newborn and maternity sessions as well as our first year package, but we will be happy to work with you to create a custom package that includes all the sessions you would like to book.

Can I include a newborn session with my first year session package?

The Toronto first year photography package is a standalone item that does not include your newborn session. However, if you would like to include newborn photographs in your collection, we can work with you to create a custom package.

Can I choose my products ahead of time?

When and how you choose your products and collections is completely up to you! You can either choose your products ahead of time and select the images that best fit after the sessions are complete, or you can wait to select your products until you have seen the finished collection of images. To find out more about the products we offer, visit our products page.

Pricing, gifts and payment plans


How  can I find out about pricing?

A full list of all our session and product pricing is available through our price menu page.

Do I need to make a deposit ahead of my sessions?

Though we do not specifically ask for a deposit, we do request that you pay the session fees at time of booking in order to reserve your dates.

We’re on a budget during maternity leave and can’t afford all the products we want – can you help?

Absolutely! We offer a payment plan that has been designed to help you spread the total cost of your first year sessions over up to 12 months, giving you the freedom to order every milestone session you want and every product on your wish list without worrying. Alternatively, our collections are a great way to invest in a pre-designed set of products at a special price.

Can our friends and family contribute to the cost of our first year sessions?

Yes! We offer a complimentary gift registry that all your friends and family can contribute to. Our registry was originally designed for maternity and newborn sessions and includes complementary announcement cards that can be sent out to your loved ones. If you already had a maternity or newborn session, we can hold your registry open for the whole year. If your first year sessions are your first experience with us, we can create a registry for you when you book. All you need to do is schedule your session and we will take care of the rest!


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