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Toronto First Year Baby Plan: Baby Z’s Very First Visit

baby photographer 3 monthsMany of the parents who come to us for their Toronto first year baby plan sessions have already visited the studio for maternity or newborn photoshoots… but not all of them. Baby Z’s mom and dad, like quite a few others, stumbled across this very website while searching for a baby photographer. At four months old, we have plenty of time to document this little sweetie’s first year of life!

It just so happened that mom and dad’s internet search coincided with the first milestone on our list of suggestions: “Tummy Time”. Of course, no matter how many months Baby Z had already accumulated, we could still have captured plenty of memories of his first year, but in this case we were able to start at the very beginning of our Toronto first year photography milestone list.

So I could get to know Baby Z and his devoted parents better, I spent some extra time with them at the beginning of the session and during the pre-session consultation. Doing this helps me understand what the family is hoping for from their photographs and what their tastes and preferences are.

I can also let my mind run free with ideas because, knowing that there’s no need to match the colours and textures from a previous session, I have full freedom in planning the photoshoot. For this little one, I chose to rely on soft, neutral colors to keep the focus on his flawless skin, perfect features and wonderfully chubby cheeks.

At this age, a baby like little Z keeps his eyes as wide open as he possibly can – he’s eager not to miss a single thing about the world as it unfolds around him. Every moment that passes brings something new to discover and it’s touching for me to be part of that experience.

In this case, Baby Z’s dark eyes were pools of light throughout the session and it wasn’t hard to show off his emerging personality, especially when his face broke into those wonderfully wide smiles. Already enchanting at four months of age, I can only imagine how many hearts he will win when he’s older!

Baby Z might not have been a seasoned model, but he wasn’t daunted by my camera in the slightest. As content to relax on his back as he was to hold himself up with those strong little arms, he was as interested in us as we were in him. We were able to catch plenty of looks and poses and include everything mom and dad had wanted – all in all, the first session for this family couldn’t have been more of a success!

Whether you are waiting for your little one to arrive or they are already several months old, there’s never a wrong time to start investing in your memories. We can arrange as many milestone sessions as you would like for your first year baby plan – give us a call at the studio or contact us by filling out the contact form above now to book your dates!

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