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Baby Allie: The Entertainer Blossoms!

Toronto photography 1 year oldIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I’m sure you’ll remember Baby Allie – our resident born entertainer! When she visited for a Baby’s First Year photography session at eight months old, she had us all in constant giggles at the funny faces she pulled and her natural modelling prowess. I’ve been so looking forward to welcoming her back to the studio to celebrate her first birthday and I’m pleased to say that she certainly did not disappoint!

Fresh from her nap when she arrived at the studio, Allie wasn’t feeling all that inclined to entertain us at first – but we soon found ways to change her mind. When a little one is feeling unsettled, we speed up the pace of their session and distract them as much as we can so that there’s not much time for them to think about being grumpy. We made good use of “The Tickla”, a feather duster on a long stick that we can use to tickle baby’s nose – that did the trick, and Baby Allie was soon back to her compelling self.

All that was left for mom and dad was to attract her attention towards the camera so that I could snap away while her magic personality did the rest. We perched her on a chair, let her crawl among soft blankets and dad stacked up some building blocks that she spent several minutes totally engrossed in playing with. All the while, those quizzical, contented and curious expressions kept coming, with each new shot a glimpse at what was going on in her mind.

Of course, little Allie has a very big personality and it’s not to be easily contained, so there were still some moments when she was not best pleased to be awake. But even when she was making her feelings known with giant sobs and screwed-up frowns, I kept the camera clicking – those images can often be the cutest of the bunch, and mom and dad loved them!

Then it was time for my favourite moment of all: the cake smash! Some little ones aren’t quite sure what to make of a sugary pile of frosting in the middle of the floor and need a bit of coaxing to investigate more closely – but not Baby Allie. The moment we placed it down, those big brown eyes lit up and she made a beeline straight for it. It wasn’t long before we had a messy pile of cake and icing and one very sticky baby offering finger-fulls of icing to her mom!

A very happy birthday to one of the most lovable little ones I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. It makes me grin so widely to think that, a few decades down the line, our tiny lady will look back at these images and see the first inklings of her infectious personality already beginning to spill over. I wonder if she’ll grow up to be a comedienne or an actress? Either way, I think she’ll always keep her friends and family very well entertained!

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