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Baby’s First Year Plan

Your little one will grow so much during their first twelve months, from a sleepy newborn into a bouncing and cuddly toddler. With our First Year Baby Plan, you can capture those astonishing changes as they happen!  At Honeybourne Studio, we know that every stage of a new life is worth commemorating, so we document the important milestones to create keepsakes and gifts that you will treasure forever.

Baby First Year PhotographyTummy Time

At about 4 months of age, baby is able to hold their head up and take their first unassisted looks around them – they have already changed so much since those first few days. We will focus on their chubby arms and sweet little cheeks and, most importantly, now is the time to capture the kindling curiosity in their beautiful eyes.

Sitting Up

One of our favourite milestones is that special moment when baby is able to sit up without help. At about 7-8 months of age, your little one will be smiling for the camera and grabbing for their piggies. The first inklings of who your baby will one day become are beginning to shine through in grins, giggles, games of peek-a-boo and all the new ways that they’re finding to communicate with you. Baby has begun to interact with the world and, when you look closely, you can see exactly what’s going on in that inquisitive little mind.

On the Go and Happy Birthday!

9 month baby photographyThe conclusion of babyhood is a highly anticipated milestone for every family. By now, your blossoming toddler will be a bundle of energy, getting into absolutely everything and ready to take on the whole world. Your baby is now crawling, perhaps even walking, and making the most of their new found mobility. Their tiny hands are reaching for everything in sight and exploring toys, teddies and trains all day long.  During this first year baby plan milestone session, we’ll take advantage of the fact that there are few things in your little one’s environment that they won’t be interested in touching, tasting and taking a closer look at! At your final session, we’ll capture your little one’s infectious excitement and blooming personality and can even include a messy, laughter-inducing birthday cake smash!


We book your sessions ahead of time to make absolutely sure that we catch each special moment. Our sessions are scheduled to mark these four important milestones, but we can always include more if you’d like to document even more of your baby’s first year.

If you’re preparing to welcome your little one into the world, now is the perfect time to start planning your first year baby plan sessions. Contact us at the studio to get started today!first year baby photography

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